Moving trees is possible if you have the correct hardware. At Yucca Crane, our crane operators can move large trees with ease. We have more than 50 years of experience successfully completing large crane projects.

If you’re ready to speak to our team about a tree project, please call 760-247-2887 now – we’re always excited to speak to new clients!

Our Tree Crane Services

At Yucca Crane, we offer a variety of tree crane services. Let’s explore our most common crane solutions below:

Move a Heavy Tree with a Crane

If you want to move a heavy tree, you will likely need a crane for the job. This is the best way to move large, mature trees to different locations. Our crane operators have extensive experience moving trees to new locations!

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

If you need to remove a large tree, the process can be dangerous – especially if you’re in a crowded residential area. To prevent branches and other tree elements from damaging nearby buildings, we can use a crane to assist in the tree removal process. Whether you’re a resident or a tree removalist, feel free to contact us if you need crane-assisted tree removal in the High Desert.

Affordable Tree Crane Company

Don’t let price dictate your ability to use a crane on your next job. If you choose to work with Yucca Crane, you’ll benefit from clear and affordable pricing – we don’t believe in hidden fees!

Call us today if you want to compare our rates against other crane companies in the High Desert. We’re certain we offer the best value for money.

Skilled Tree Crane Operators

If you need to move trees or remove them, then it’s critical to have crane operators with experience in the tree industry. At Yucca Crane, our operators understand the unique challenges that trees provide to crane professionals.

Our team is highly skilled – they work hard to ensure that all projects are completed successfully. With Yucca Crane, you benefit from world-class crane operators for your next tree project.

Why are We Better than Other Train Companies?

Choosing the best tree crane contractor is essential if you want to avoid mistakes. At Yucca Crane, there are several reasons you should choose us for your next tree-related project:

• We can handle a wide range of tree-related crane projects.
• We have more than five decades of crane experience – we opened our doors in 1969.
• We don’t charge clients for estimates.
• We offer crane operators and crane rentals.
• We have cranes with various capacities.
• We’re a friendly company that values excellent customer service.
• We’re a locally owned business.
• Our operators have experience with crane projects.

Call Yucca Crane Today to Speak to Our Tree Crane Team!

If you’re ready to access any of our tree-related crane solutions, our crane operators are just a short phone call away. We can discuss your needs and develop a strategy to handle your tree job. We’re always eager for new clients in the High Desert – call us at 760-247-2887 to schedule a service.