Whether you own a boat or a boatyard, transporting these watercrafts can be very difficult when you’re on land. If you need to move boats quickly and safely, one of the most effective options is to use a crane. At Yucca Crane, we understand the benefits associated with using cranes to move boats – we’ve been offering crane services in the High Desert since 1969.

If you need a crane service that offers both crane rentals and crane operators, then it’s time to contact our team at Yucca Crane. If you want to speak with our team about moving boats with our cranes, then call 760-247-2887 now.

Boat Crane Services

No matter what type of boat you need to move, we’re ready to help. We have a versatile team that can adapt to your needs. Whether it’s one boat or 100 boats, we’re ready for the job.

Below, let’s explore some of the common boat-related crane services we offer to our clients in the High Desert:

Move a Heavy Boat with a Crane

If you want to move a heavy boat with a crane, then there’s only one team for the job – Yucca Crane. Our heavy-duty cranes can handle boats of any size or weight. Give us a call when you’re ready to move your boat in the High Desert.

Move Diesel Motor Sailboat with a Crane

If you need to move a diesel motor sailboat with a crane, we can ensure the process is done safely. We understand the importance of avoiding any damages when transporting this type of high-value vessel.

Cost-Effective Boat Crane Company

Moving a boat with a crane might sound like an excessive expense – and this is true if you choose the wrong crane contractor for the job. At Yucca Crane, we take a different approach. Our boat crane services are available at cost-effective prices to all our clients in the High Desert.

Whether you’re an individual boat owner or a boatyard owner, we’re ready to help – and we won’t break your budget!

Why Choose Us for Boat Crane Services?

If you want your boat crane service to run smoothly, don’t choose an amateur operator. At Yucca Crane, we have a long track record of success. Let’s explore what makes us the best:

• We can move boats of any size – and any design.
• Our crane operators have extensive experience with boat projects.
• Our crane operators are licensed and insured.
• We have the best cranes in the industry.
• We have an excellent customer service record.
• We have more than five decades of experience.
• We won’t charge you for an estimate.

Call the Best Boat Crane Rental Company Today!

Moving boats with cranes is a quick, effective way to ensure that your boat is safely transported. If you’re ready to partner with the best boat crane service in the High Desert, Yucca Crane is by your side.

If you need to move a boat urgently, then don’t waste another minute – call us today at 760-247-2887 to speak with our crane company.